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Mainbrace Constructions

Mainbrace Constructions started using Payapps on a single project with just 10 subcontractors using the system. Today, that number has risen to over 44 subcontractors per project and more than 200 claims are being submitted every month.
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ADCO Constructions

ADCO Constructions transforms the way they manage progress claims processing and drives efficiencies right along their supply chain.
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How Fabcon Structural streamlines progress claims and integrates with Xero to reduce duplicate data entry.
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WESTPLEX and Payapps

Transitioning from Excel to a digital solution reduces risk of human error for Westplex.
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Parkview Constructions reduces progress claim processing time by 50%.
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City Circle Group

City Circle Group streamlines progress claims with all their builders, even those not using the system.
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Visibility into approved and outstanding claims and variations makes progress claim processing easy for Empire Group.
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Xero integration automatically creates invoices on claim approval, resulting in significant time savings.
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