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Modular Connexions saves significant time submitting payment applications | UK

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Modular Connexions are professionals in offsite manufacturing and construction, and support companies with modular fabrication, pre-construction services, install and finishing.

The business uses the cloud-based Payapps platform to prepare consistent, contractually compliant applications for payment, submitting these along with any necessary evidence. By using a single platform and removing the need to email anything, Modular Connexions saves on administration time and their applications are instantly accessible to the contractor.

Vera Kiessling, their Technical and Founding Director, explains, “With Payapps, applications for payment along with any supporting evidence are uploaded into a single system in a scheduled way, so we know we are contractually compliant when it comes to following the appropriate application process. We can upload any supporting evidence with our applications which gives us a 20-25% time-saving on separate submissions by email… and because everything is in one place there is no risk of our applications or related documentation being mislaid.”

Further administration time is saved through visibility of application status in Payapps, eliminating the need for Modular Connexions to make time-consuming enquiries relating to payments. Automatic tracking of variations and retentions, along with payment notices that are supplied within Payapps, make cash flow and project forecasting much simpler.

“The colour coding in the payment notices we receive within the Payapps solution allows us to see, at a glance, where payment will differ to what we applied for.” says Vera Kiessling. 

“We can also easily see by how much and why. We no longer have to worry about missing a payment notice that’s mixed in with the rest of our emails, or having to arrange a discussion with the contractor to clarify such details. As a result, our visibility of costs has improved as well as project forecasting.”

We asked Vera Kiessling whether she would recommend Payapps to other subcontractors and supply chain members:

“I’d recommend using Payapps for submitting applications for payment – as well as the improved transparency of payments and costs, and the time-savings, it’s easy to use and requires very little training, even for those who are not particularly computer literate.”

If you would like to learn more about Payapps, request a free demo or a brochure today.

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