Real Choose Payapps for Improved Visibility of Payment Processing

January 31, 2023

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The team at Real work collaboratively with a wide range of customers from across the public and private sectors to support the country’s increasing demand for new homes and reimagined communities. Targeting housing-led, newbuild projects, the team works with local authorities, housing associations and private clients in London and across the South East and South West.

Payapps are delighted that Real has chosen to work with Payapps to standardise the certification of supply chain applications for payment. The solution will improve Real’s visibility of liabilities and cash flow, while also bringing significant efficiencies in relation to payment processing and administration.

Real’s Chief Operating Officer, Ben Cox, comments,

“The use of Payapps will provide total visibility and certainty for our supply chain partners, so they know when and how much they will be paid. With all the uncertainty in the industry at the moment, introducing a system that can only help our supply chain feels like the right thing to do. Decisions like this are all part of our plans to embrace new ways of working and foster an agile business.”

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