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A better way to connect construction in New Zealand

Digital solutions like Payapps are helping the construction industry across Australia & New Zealand collaborate, adapt, and grow, without compromising team productivity or success.

With Payapps you can start reducing your progress claim management time by an average of %50.

You will also be able to:
1- Eliminate the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations.
2- Reduce email trails.
3- Enable faster payment approvals & much more.
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helping you grow

When the construction supply chain is working in sync, without the burden of manual processes, you’ll have no hesitation taking on more work. Scalable, collaborative processes allow your project numbers to increase, without needing to hire more staff or increasing the risk of human error.


Run a healthy, sustainable company

With a cloud-based collaboration tool like Payapps, the focus is on getting the paperwork out of the way, so teams work together more effectively. They help to build a culture of collaboration, allowing you to build a strong company that can remain competitive in the market, no matter what challenges are thrown your way.

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Built for your needs

Enabling the needs of construction

There’s little benefit implementing an out-of-the-box solution if it doesn’t suit your needs. If a platform requires additional development work to manage specific requirements like tiered retention, for example, that means additional costs and maintenance work will reduce your overall return on investment and delay any positive benefits realisation.

What is Payapps?

Payapps is A cloud-based construction PLatform for managing progress claims up & down the supply chain

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Work with your supply chain in a centralised platform, providing a shared single version of the truth.

Receive claims and variations in a consistent format, while intuitive workflows allow you to efficiently manage the entire approval process.
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Real-time reports show the detail and value of claims in progress, modifications and exceptions, and payment schedules due against approval deadlines.

Integration with your construction accounting software aligns data across your systems.
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Payapps is cloud-based software that works on mobile, tablet or desktop so you and your supply chain can easily submit, assess and approve claims anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
What our customers think

ADCO COnstructions

“Technology in construction has to be intuitive and clearly aligned to a process. Payapps is a really simple and easy to use application."
Doug Zuzic
CIO, ADCO Constructions
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