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Payapps' Self-assess

Use Payapps to manage all of your progress claims, even if the builder you’re working with is not using the platform. You create the project. You create the contract. You're in control.
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You’re in control

Use Payapps to manage all of your progress claims, even if the builder you’re working with is not using the platform.  


Say goodbye to hours spent organising paperwork
All your claims organised and consolidated in one system
No manual calculations and instant retention tracking
Ensure all your applications are consistent and in a format that is easy to approve

How it Works

Take advantage of these features in Payapps right now with your current subscription. You can use the self assess functionality as part of any plan. For example, if you have a standard subscription (for 5 claims per month) three could go towards self assess submissions and two could go towards collaborative submissions. It’s that easy.


Save all of your contract details and nominate the contract breakdown and retentions yourself, Payapps will do the calculations for you. Information is accessible just through a few clicks and in a format that’s meaningful for you.


Use our CSV template to upload your information, or enter by hand. Just make sure your site name is correct as this information will appear on your claims.


With Myclaim: Self assess you take control of the assessment in the system. Make any adjustments needed and submit your claim as you normally would. The difference is you’re in control of all the details.


Your client receives conforming progress claims that reduce the back and forth that can occur when paperwork isn’t correctly formatted. Using accounting software like Xero? When you integrate Payapps with your accounting software, Payapps will send the information automatically – reducing double handling and manual data entry.

See our pricing

If you’re a smaller subcontractor, you may not require the usage levels or fixed pricing of a large builder. That’s why we offer monthly pricing plans suitable for all sized businesses.

Plus, you can use Payapps' self-assess functionality with ALL your contractors and we'll give you your first claim free, every month.

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What our customers think


"The product allows us to eliminate any doubt and potential human error when entering claims; you can't put a price on that."
Jesse Campbell
Commercial Manager, City Circle Group

Watch the video and read the case study to hear Jesse Campbell, the Commercial Manager of City Circle Group discuss their implementation and the benefits of using Payapps.

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