Construction Applications for Payment Software

Standardise, streamline and simplify applications for payment with Payapps.

Trusted by thousands of construction professionals in the UK and globally to make applications for payment faster and easier.

Manage construction project applications for payment and certifications in one place.

Payapps is powerful cloud-based construction software that helps bring contractors and subcontractors together to simplify and expedite applications for payment and certifications, including retention and variations.

Use this simpler, faster digital process to ensure greater transparency, increased accuracy, improved compliance, reduced financial risk, fewer disputes and fairer outcomes.

Bringing everyone together in one place

Purpose-built for contractors and subcontractors to use together for fast and accurate applications for payment. Spend more time working on projects and less time chasing, correcting and managing paperwork.


For contractors

Reduce the time it takes to assess and certify applications for payment by up to 50%*, keep track of payments against project budgets, stay compliant with security of payment legislation and minimise disputes with subcontractors.

Payapps will make your job easier if you are a Commercial Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Contract Administrator, CFO, Company Accountant, Accounts Payable Manager or Company Owner.

*as reported by customers


For subcontractors

Easily make accurate applications for payment, see the status of all applications, get faster certification, manage variations and retentions, and improve business cash flow. 

Payapps is ideal for businesses and sole traders working with builders who use Payapps to manage applications for payment and certification. It can be also used stand-alone to keep track of applications, variations and retention.  

Leading construction companies choose Payapps

Making applications for payment simpler, faster and fairer for everyone

Standardise applications for payment

Put paper, emails and error-prone spreadsheets behind you with standardised applications for payment in one place for submission and approval anytime, anywhere and from any device. One consistent format for all application for payment submissions helps subcontractors prepare them in a timely manner, and helps contractors certify them faster.

Improve processing efficiency

See huge productivity gains with applications for payment and variations provided in a consistent format, while intuitive workflows ensure the entire certification process is managed efficiently. This helps reduce time spent managing, recording and archiving applications and associated documentation, which our customers report helps cut processing time and costs by up to 50%.

Increase payment application visibility

See where applications are at in real-time to reduce time spent chasing up with phone calls and emails, and finding misplaced paperwork. Payapps works standalone, or integrated with leading construction ERP systems or widely-used accounting software to ensure a single, accurate source of current and previous applications by project.

Improve regulatory compliance

Reduce risk and improve UK Construction Act compliance. Receive reminders to meet payment notice deadlines and approve applications for payment, and reduce the risk of payment disputes. Subcontractor document compliance is ensured with verification required for application for payment submission and approval.

How Payapps helps money flow to make building better


Users that have relied on Payapps to submit and certify applications for payment

£6.8 Billion

Applications for payment managed through Payapps on average per annum


Total number of global projects approved through Payapps every year


Estimated hours saved every year by Payapps users

Helping build successful businesses

Payapps is used by leading construction firms as well as thousands of subcontractors in the UK and Ireland.

“The system keeps track of all the applications directly received from the subcontractors and knowing that they just have to submit them to one place definitely makes it easier for the subcontractors.”

“I can’t believe we tried to manage applications for payment using spreadsheets and paperwork – in terms of administrative efficiencies, we’re saving around £100k a year now. “

Works together with your existing software and systems

Seamlessly connects with leading construction, project management, accounting and financial software so you can enter data once and easily keep track of all project applications for payment and certifications. Payapps is designed with ease-of-use in mind so you’ll be up and running in no time.

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