Making the complex simple

Our mission is to make construction applications for payment simpler, faster and fairer for all.

Our mission

Payapps was founded in Australia and has expanded into the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Our team of experts, software innovators and construction specialists have disrupted the industry’s reliance on traditional and inefficient methods for managing applications for payment.

We are laser-focused on achieving our vision of helping money to flow and make building better. Our team continues to find ways to innovate and promote positive change that helps make construction payments simpler, faster and fairer for all.

We are part of Payapps Company (formerly Zuuse), a global business with expertise in construction payment and facilities management.

How Payapps helps money flow
to make building better


Users that have relied on Payapps to submit and certify applications for payment

£6.8 Billion+

Applications for payment managed through Payapps on average per annum


Total number of global projects certified through Payapps every year


Estimated hours saved every year by Payapps users

Helping build successful businesses

Payapps works with leading builders and thousands of subcontractors to help make the process of managing applications for payment and certification easier and faster.

“Payapps does the hard work by making certain we’re on track at every stage, ensuring we’re legislatively compliant and reducing financial risk by providing visibility of payment status across all projects. We couldn’t do without it now.”

“I would strongly recommend Payapps. It brings a level of consistency and uniformity across our business. It is a user-friendly process that saves invaluable time, which in today’s working environment is our greatest asset.”

Integrate with your existing systems

Payapps can seamlessly connect with leading construction ERP, project management, accounting and financial software so you can enter data once and get accurate project payment information across your business.

Supporting you every step of the way

Our support team is here to help, and based locally in region. We provide unlimited support with all of our contracts at no additional cost.

We’re available from 8am to 6pm every working day when you need help or guidance.

You can also access a wide range of helpful online resources to help you make the most of Payapps in your construction business.

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