Construction Payment Processes – What Can the UK Learn from Australia?

November 30, 2022

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Can the UK construction industry learn from new Australian legislation on application for payment processes?

Australia’s got a lot to answer for. Jason Donovan’s music career. Ruining every Ashes summer of the 90s. Walkabout.

But it turns out that when it comes to application for payment (or as the Aussies call it, “progress claims”) our Commonwealth cousins have got a few ideas that’ll make life run far more smoothly for the British construction industry. Less time waiting for payment, fewer disputes, a massive decrease in people swearing at your account staff. That sort of thing.

The Western Australian government’ introduced payment reforms that have won fans here in the UK. And as our infographic shows, you could well be better off if the industry adopts a few working practices from Down Under.

£21 million. That’s the average cost of a construction dispute here in the UK. £21 million caught up in legal wrangles and bickering over small print instead of filtering down to the smaller trades, suppliers and companies who need their cut to stay afloat.

It’s not often you’ll find Britons taking notice of an Australian idea, but this time they’re on to something. By adopting Australian style payment processes, you’ll be paid on time, won’t have to worry about people further up the chain delaying the money you need, and you won’t be left picking through paper trails.

This time, Australia’s doing something right. It’s time for the UK to take notice and learn from them.

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