Digitise the application for payment process to save time and money

Payapps simplifies and streamlines the process of managing and certifying subcontractor applications for payment, improving visibility of project liabilities, reducing business risks and helping you comply with payment legislation.

Manage construction project applications for payment and certifications in one place.

Payapps makes managing and certifying subcontractor applications for payment easier than ever before. This powerful, cloud-based construction software has all the information you need in one place, accessible anywhere from any device. 

It can work seamlessly with your existing ERP or financial software to provide a single source of truth for project payments and applications in real-time. 

If you are a Commercial Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Contract Administrator or CFO, Payapps can help make your job easier, streamline your processes and keep you compliant.  


Payapps for main contractors at a glance

Save time

Reduce application for payment certifcation time by up to 50%, and reduce calls from subcontractors chasing approval status.

Increase visibility

Know where applications for payment, variations and retention are in real-time, with optional seamless integration to your financial software.

Improve compliance

Meet the requirements of the UK Construction Act with built-in reminders, an audit trail and subcontractor document compliance.

Reduce financial risk

Protect your margins with simpler and more robust management of retention and variations, and the elimination of costly disputes and project delays.

Improve working relationships

Subcontractors and suppliers can see you are reviewing and certifying applications for payment in a timely manner.

Reduce project risks

Reduce the risk of work stoppages and missed delivery deadlines with timely review and certification of applications for payment.

Payapps in action for main contractors

“Since the integration of Payapps into our business the process of assessing payments, and issuing payment notices, has been cut by around 50%.”

“We haven’t got to worry about anything as the system lets us know that applications have been received. It then prompts the team, the commercial staff and engineers to make sure they do their payment notices on time.”


Drive efficiency gains

Standardised applications for payment help you work smarter, not harder, and Payapps users report it can reduce the time you and your team spend on administering applications by up to 50%.

Applications for payment are received every month in a consistent format on a shared platform which helps reduce time spent chasing amendments and finding lost paperwork.

No more manual processing, error-ridden spreadsheets and long email trails to keep track of. Quick approvals and notifications save countless phone calls and emails from subcontractors chasing payment certification.

Payapps is also easy and fast to implement, so you can improve your payment approval process within days, not months.

Total visibility in real time

Payapps provides more control over project finances, and that means you can have more confidence. When you have accurate and up-to-date documentation, stored centrally (in the cloud), you know instantly the status of all applications for payment and certifications.

Never miss a certification deadline, providing assurance to your valued subcontractors that you are on top of their applications for payment, which helps improve your working relationships. 

Payapps can seamlessly integrate with industry-leading project management and ERP software and systems to provide you and your team with a real-time view of applications for payment, retention and variations. 

And when everyone knows where things are at it helps money flow and makes building better.


Reduce business risks

Digitising the application for payment certification process and increasing subcontractor and supply chain collaboration helps reduce risk for your business. Eliminating human error and incomplete or misplaced paperwork helps reduce delays in management and certification of applications for payment. 

Payapps also provides automated reminders to ensure you are responding to applications for payment in a timely manner, which helps you comply with the UK Construction Act. 

Automated variation and retention tracking and an audit trail helps you stay on top of applications for payment and certifications to avoid adjudication and disputes, as well as improving working relationships with subcontractors.   

Payapps also improves access to compliance information and documentation (such as insurances) with everything you need stored centrally for review. 

Get up and running fast with onboarding assistance

Payapps is committed to helping your construction business save time and money by simplifying the application for payments process.

Our onboarding specialists assist main contractors and subcontractors get up and running with Payapps.

All enterprise contracts include a personalised rollout of Payapps, including a training workshop and 1:1 online sessions with key users.

Get in touch with us to find out the difference Payapps can make to your business.

Pricing that works for your business

We understand that every business in the construction industry is different. Whether your business is large or small, or works with a handful or thousands of subcontractors, our pricing is based on your business size and turnover, providing an accurate and fair reflection of your usage.

We’re confident that you’ll see an almost immediate return on your investment in Payapps with time saved every month. More than that, Payapps lets you and your team focus on the important work and decisions that will grow your business and drive profitability.

Local support that is always free

We understand that you need technology to work for you, so we ensure that support requests are completed fast – typically within 20 minutes by our local support team.

We proudly offer unlimited support with every contract at no extra cost to all our customers, including subcontractors

See what Payapps can do for your construction business

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