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‍Are late payments in construction really inevitable, or is there a solution out there that helps everyone win? ABBA got

Effective supply chain management is key to the success of a construction project. Strong supplier relationships guarantee the best skilled

Turbo-charging the application for payment process is not just great for subcontractor relationships, it tackles the scourge of payment disputes

To many in the construction industry, late payment is a necessary evil. We almost take it for granted that some

Late payment, delayed payment, and payment practices, in general, have long been a barrier to growth for the UK Construction

Payment has long been one of the most contentious issues in the Construction Industry, so much so in fact, that

Nothing’s ever moved quickly in the world of construction, but recently you get the feeling that with payment practices, we

Back In 2015, Construction News conducted a survey to understand the current state of payment in the construction industry, in which 35.8%

Leading construction companies choose Payapps