A full set of powerful features to streamline payment claims

Payapps is a cloud-based collaboration tool that helps main contractors and subcontractors to standardise and streamline payment claims and their certification.

Payapps Features

A simpler and faster digital process that improves the visibility and accuracy of the construction payment claims process.

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Standardised payment claims

Consistent and standardised payment claims are easy for subcontractors to prepare, and faster for main contractors to assess and certify.

No more paper, emails and error-prone spreadsheets, and claims can be made and certified anywhere and on any device.

Reconciliation of previously approved payment claims keeps everyone on the same page.

Manage variations

Manage and keep track of approved and unapproved variations so nothing is missed, whether you are a main contractor or a subcontractor.

You can manage variations within or outside the claims cycle.

Variations are accurately reflected from your main financial and project management systems for complete transparency and accuracy.

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Track retention

Total visibility of all retention funds across an entire project ensures that nothing is missed once a project is complete, and retention funds can be invoiced in full.

Compliance and audit trails

Payapps provides a central document repository for all compliance documents (such as licenses and insurances), as well as evidence and supporting documents, comments, modification reasons and images to back-up payment claims.

Built-in reminders help meet submission and payment response notice deadlines, and auto-generated payment response notice documents facilitate accurate and timely payments.

Detailed history of individual claims with timestamps provides an accurate audit trail.

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Feature 1

Fast set-up

Payapps is quick and easy to adopt, so you can be up and running in minutes, not days or weeks. Get immediate payback with time and money saved.

Feature 2

Unlimited users and multiple entities

Manage multiple legal entities, projects and even currencies in a single account, with unlimited users (with different permissions assigned as required).

Feature 3

Fully secure

Complete peace of mind with the support of Optional SSO (Single Sign-On) and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Feature 4

Detailed reports

Your dashboard interface provides easy access to a range of useful reports including Retention Aging, Compliance, Contract Summary, Variations by Project and Claims by Project.

Integrate with your existing systems

Payapps works with other best-in-class technology providers, and can seamlessly connect with leading construction ERP, project management, accounting and financial software so you can enter data once and get accurate project payment information across your business.

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Supporting you every step of the way

Our support team is here to help, and based locally in-region. We provide unlimited support with all of our contracts at no additional cost.

We’re available from 8am to 6pm every working day when you need help or guidance.

You can also access a wide range of helpful online resources to help you make the most of Payapps in your construction business.

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Customer success

Payapps works with leading main contractors and thousands of subcontractors to help make the payment claim and approval process easier and faster.

"Payapps allows us to provide visibility of application for payment status to our subcontractors so their cashflow is easier to foresee and manage too. Ultimately this ensures our projects stay on track, and we can continue to grow."
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Ryan Gerald



"Payapps has standardised the way we are making payment applications, keeping all payment applications in one place… It has minimised the human error impact in the process."
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Jim Howe

Head of Business Development,


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