Prepare and submit payment claims quickly and easily

Payapps helps you prepare and submit payment claims easily and on time, and helps you keep track of your claims to improve business cash flow.


Take control of your contracts and payment claims with a simple online tool

Payapps simplifies and streamlines the process of preparing and submitting monthly payment claims. Ditch the spreadsheets, improve accuracy and standardise the format of your payment claims so they can be approved faster by your clients.

Ideal for businesses and sole traders working with contractors who also use Payapps, so everyone has the same view of project payment claims, payment response notices and certifications. And if any of your clients aren’t using Payapps, it can still be used in your business to keep track of claims, retention and variations.

Payapps for subcontractors at a glance

Easy to use

Get up and running in minutes and save hours every month preparing and submitting progress claims.

Submit claims anywhere

Payapps is cloud-based so you can submit claims in the office or on the go on any device.

Reduce errors

Accurate claims mean faster approval and payments.

Track retention and variations

Manage variations and resolve them with ease, and track retention with helpful reminders at practical completion.

Upload critical documents

Upload and share compliance documentation along with supporting evidence and explanations to expedite claims.

Built-in reminders

Never forget to submit a claim with automated reminders. Your builder also gets reminded to assess and approve your claims.

Has one of your builder clients asked you to use Payapps and you’re not sure what to do?

More and more construction companies are using Payapps to improve their payment claims process and comply with payment regulations.

If you’ve been asked to use Payapps to submit your payment claims, you’ll receive an email invitation to join your client’s contract within Payapps. You’ll be prompted to sign up and make your first claim. Contact us if you have any questions.

Self-manage. Use Payapps for payment claims, even if your clients don’t

Many subcontractors are using Payapps in their businesses to help them prepare and submit payment claims.

You’ll be able to upload all your contract information, quickly and easily prepare monthly payment claims, manage retention and variations, as well as evidence and supporting documentation, all in one place.

You can also integrate Payapps with accounting applications such as Xero for automatic sharing of information to reduce double-entry, saving you time and preventing errors.

And as more and more contractors adopt Payapps to streamline their payment claims process, you’ll be ready when they come on board.

Take control of payment claims

Payapps lets you set up all your contracts in the same way to save you hours doing paperwork. With all your payment claims submitted in a consistent format every month, your clients can assess and certify them quickly – and that means you get paid sooner.

Keeping all your important documents and contract information in one place reduces the chance of disputes during a project, and once it is completed.

Forget spreadsheets and manual calculations. Payapps does it all for you, and provides instant retention tracking so you know exactly where you stand on all your projects from start to finish.


Complete visibility and transparency

Instantly see the status of all your open payment claims without needing to make time-consuming phone calls.

With all your payment claim information in one place with supporting documentation, you have full disclosure and easy auditing.

Variations are reported line-by-line, including reasons for modification or rejection, along with automatic retention tracking.

Payapps seamlessly integrates with your accounting and financial software to save duplicate data entry and prevent potential errors, while providing a single source of accurate information.

Join thousands of other subcontractors to streamline payment claims

Payapps is used by leading construction firms in Ireland and the UK, as well as thousands of subcontractors.

A smarter way to work

With all the information and documentation you need to make payment claims and get paid in one place, you will save hours every month in the preparation and submission of payment claims for all your projects.

You’ll spend less time wrangling spreadsheets, finding paperwork and making phone calls to chase information and claim approval.

Supporting evidence and documents accompany all your claims to reduce processing time, which means faster certifications and payments.


Simple monthly plans to suit how you use Payapps

Payapps offers a range of simple monthly payment plans with no lock in contracts or additional fees – ever.

Plans are based on the number of contracts you claim against, whether you are using Payapps with your clients, or to self-manage payment claims.

We’re here to help

Payapps is committed to helping you save time and money by simplifying the payment claims process. Get in touch with us to find out the difference Payapps can make to your business.

“I’d recommend using Payapps for submitting applications for payment – as well as the improved transparency of payments and costs, and the time-savings, it’s easy to use and requires very little training.”

“We can now log-in at any time of the day and see exactly where we are, what’s being claimed for, and what’s been certified or due to be paid.”