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Success in Quality Surveying:

Productivity, Job Satisfaction and the Role of Technology

Unlock insights with our exclusive report and discover the future of quantity surveying.

In an industry as dynamic as construction, staying ahead means understanding the trends, challenges, and opportunities that shape professions in the sector.

That’s why we conducted a survey across quantity surveying professionals in the UK and Ireland, compiling insights and opinions within this insightful report – ‘Success in Quantity Surveying: Productivity, Job Satisfaction and the Role of Technology’.

Discover the challenges and experiences of your commercial peers, and their opinions about the quantity surveying profession.

Why Download This Report

  • In-Depth Analysis: Learn from over 200 industry professionals about their experiences in job satisfaction, productivity, financial management, and technology adoption.
  • Key Insights: Gain access to valuable insights on how modern technologies and strategic practices are transforming roles and workflows in construction.
  • Future Strategies: Equip yourself with knowledge on effective practices, emerging trends, and technological advancements to drive efficiency and success in your projects.

Download the report today to discover strategies for:

  • Streamlining QS processes: Discover ways to make your time more productive and maximise time on valuable activity.
  • Best practice financial management: Understand what ‘good’ looks like for managing supply chain costs and maximising project profitability.
  • Improving supply chain collaboration: Reduce friction with your subcontractors, particularly in relation to valuations and payments.
  • Leveraging technology: Get ahead and uncover ‘quick-win’ processes that can easily be digitised.

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