Payapps Integration with Procore

Payapps Integration with Procore

Most construction companies use construction management software to make it easier to manage construction projects. These softwares offer a broad range of functionality, from pre-construction, project execution, workforce management, financial management, and many more. Construction management software are used to manage projects and subcontracts to varying levels of sophistication; however, they may lack certain features regarding progress claims.  

Progress claim management software Payapps integrates with several construction management systems. Payapps provides a best-of-breed solution for head contractors and subcontractors to collaborate on the submission and approval of progress claims. It also enables the capture and validation of compliance requirements such as insurances, subcontractor declarations and any other contractual requirements. 

Payapps seamlessly integrates with Procore Financials in real-time, simplifying progress claims and sending approved claims into Procore, so all project finances are on a single integrated platform. 

How can Payapps enhance your Procore experience?

Payapps specialises in managing the progress claims process, involving the subcontractors as system users. It makes the claim process consistent and standardised for each subcontractor every month. 

The Procore and Payapps integration is a real-time, live integration that is embedded into the claims management business process.

Payapps imports project and commitment details from Procore so progress claims can be managed collaboratively with subcontractors. Contracts are shared with the subcontractor, and progress claims submitted by the subcontractors are managed collaboratively on the Payapps platform.  

 Where subcontractors have raised variations, the head contractor links these to variations created previously in Procore prior to approval. Payapps has an optional feature enabling the approval of progress against Procore variations that are unapproved, facilitating “on account” payments. 

Upon claim approval by the main contractor, Payapps sends the approved claim to Procore as a requisition on the commitment. Payapps consistently checks Procore balances to ensure financial information is always consistent across both systems, removing the need for duplicate data entry and ensuring that both systems are always aligned. 

Payapps also helps builders and subcontractors to stay compliant with the various state-based security of payment legislation acts (SOPA). Payapps provides automated reminders to ensure builders are responding to claims in a timely manner, helping with SOPA compliance. For assessments that differ in values from the claimed amounts, Payapps enforces the capture of reasons for the difference. These reasons are recorded in the auto-generated payment schedules. 

Five key integration benefits with Payapps and Procore:  

1. Reduce administration and build trust with standardised progress claims

Payapps maintains standardised details of every progress claim.  Comments can be entered against each claim, and data is shared with Procore in real time.  Having all data visible in one place makes the claim approval process quicker and simpler for teams working across multiple projects and contracts.  It also eliminates the need for paperwork and manual data entry so that teams can focus on value-added tasks.  Payapps ensures that every claim is cost-effective and accurate, resulting in fewer delays or disputes.  This helps build trust between contract administrators and payment claimants, ensuring successful project outcomes.

2. Simplify and streamline progress claim submissions and approval workflows 

 Integrating with Payapps streamlines communication and information flow with Procore, making it quicker and easier for subcontractors to submit claims.  Claims are visible to the entire team when submitted, removing the need for tedious manual data entry processes. This ensures the timeliness of information, allowing all parties involved in a project to approve claims as quickly as possible to meet security of payment timelines.

3. Gain improved visibility of project costs

The Procore integration with Payapps eliminates the need to manually track cost data in spreadsheets, improving visibility and streamlining business processes. With this single access point to all project information, users can quickly identify variations or approvals, reducing time spent on mundane tasks and enabling smarter decision-making. The end result is improved collaboration between stakeholders and an overall increase in efficiency.

4. Improve financial reporting and accuracy

Payapps improves the quality of information entered into Procore by enabling subcontractors to submit accurate claims against agreed breakdowns, ensuring correct retention calculations and eliminating double data entry. This helps streamline the financial process across your construction projects and ensures that all parties have access to timely, reliable financial data.

5. Single source of truth across all your systems

Integrating Payapps with Procore aligns data across systems, ensuring a single source of truth and complete audit trails for accurate record-keeping.  With the help of Payapps’ award-winning technology, businesses can trust that their financial information is secure and up to date.  This gives them greater control over their finances and allows them to make more informed  decisions.

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Payment claims and approvals made easy

Payapps complements Construction Management Systems like Procore, offering a superior solution for managing claims that makes the process more streamlined and efficient. With Payapps, users can access features specifically designed to make tracking claim progress and payments easier than ever before. This increases operational efficiency and reduces paperwork, improving the overall experience for all parties involved.

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