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Streamlining Change Management for Project Success in the Construction Industry In the dynamic environment of construction projects, variations are a

Payapps can empower contractors and subcontractors to adapt and thrive amidst legislative changes in Victoria and beyond. Streamlining Progress Payment

The Victorian Legislative Assembly has provided recommendations to the Victorian government to improve the operations of the SOPA. Key Proposed

Xero integration automatically creates invoices on claim approval, resulting in significant time savings.

Construction payment management systems and ERPs are two distinct types of software used by construction companies; but what are they

In the dynamic world of construction, efficiency and clarity are paramount. Our latest infographic highlights six essential ways Payapps is

Sarah Constructions is using Payapps to improve transparency with subcontractors for payment claims, streamline the accounts payable process and save project managers up to one day per week by reducing administrative tasks.

New Era Group uses Payapps to standardise project financial information with their clients, streamline their monthly progress claims process and reduce the time project managers spend on billing and administrative tasks.

Transitioning from Excel to a digital solution reduces risk of human error for Westplex.

Parkview Constructions reduces progress claim processing time by 50%.

How Fabcon Structural streamlines progress claims and integrates with Xero to reduce duplicate data entry.

City Circle Group streamlines progress claims with all their builders, even those not using the system.

How Payapps makes applications for payment and certification easy

Payapps is an innovative online tool that puts main contractors and subcontractors on the same page when it comes to applications for payment.

Works with your other systems

Seamlessly connects with leading construction, project management, accounting and financial software.

Feature rich and easy to use

Standardise applications for payment, expedite certification, improve efficiency and increase process visibility in one place.

Designed for the construction industry

Payapps was built to improve the payment claims and approval process in the construction industry.