A smarter way to manage progress claims & invoicing with Payapps and Xero

A smarter way to manage progress claims & invoicing with Payapps and Xero

At Payapps, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the construction industry.That’s why we’ve developed our software to integrate seamlessly with Xero – a leading cloud-based accounting software.  With Payapps, you can enjoy all the features and benefits of Xero while managing your progress claims more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

Payapps’ integration with Xero lets you streamline your project management and progress claim process and easily track financials.  Payapps helps you with improved cash flow forecasting, easy contract and progress claim management, and automated retention payments to simplified project cost tracking.

How can Payapps enhance your Xero experience?

Say goodbye to cumbersome paper trails and spreadsheets and regain control! Payapps integration with Xero simplifies how construction companies manage progress claims, eliminate repetitive data entry, reduce potential mistakes, and improve accuracy across their financials.

Payapps integration with Xero provides users with an enhanced invoicing experience.  The integration eliminates manual work, so businesses can save time and energy managing their finances.  With Payapps integrated into Xero, users can manage contracts with progress payments much more effectively and accurately, allowing invoices to be sent faster and improving cash flow in the business.

Payapps Xero Integration

Five key integration benefits with Payapps and Xero

1.    A single view of construction project finances and invoices-to-date:  

Using Xero as the integrated accounting platform, Payapps allows users to have a single source of truth for tracking and reconciling payments.  Say goodbye to managing your progress claims in spreadsheets with complete visibility over project finances and invoices-to-date.  This makes it easier to accurately track financial progress, reduce manual effort and improve payment accuracy overall.

 2.    Implement simplified processes to improve your business’s cash flow.

By integrating with Xero, you can be in greater control of your cash flow by getting a real-time view of the status of your progress claim, making financial decisions faster and easier.  Payapps will also provide up-to-date, accurate information on when progress claims are due, optimising your cash flow and ensuring no surprises.  The automated reconciliation process identifies progress claim payments instantly, improving business performance.

3.    A smarter way to manage variations and retention  

With Payapps integration to Xero, managing your variations and retentions for construction projects has never been easier!  Enjoy the streamlined experience of keeping up to date with variations and retentions and all other project costs from one platform.  

4.    Simplify your payment cycles

Payapps integration with Xero means that all your data is synced and updated in real time, giving you the most accurate view of your construction company’s finances. You can easily track payments, create invoices and generate reports with just a few clicks.  All your progress claim data is tracked and updated in Xero, so you will never miss out on an invoice or payment again.

5.    Get time back in your day to focus on what is important

Payapps makes managing your finances more manageable.  With our integration with Xero, you can save time and effort when reconciling progress payments at a glance. You’ll be able to easily monitor all your progress claim data in real time without manually chasing documents and updating complex spreadsheets.

“Payapps makes managing invoicing and progress payments easier than ever before.  Poor record-keeping and failure to issue invoices in a timely manner costs our clients a lot of money – not only the money they might fail to claim, but the fees they pay us to correct errors and chase outstanding funds.  Payapps is a powerful solution to eliminate this problem forever.”

James Hukin , Director Vital Accounts , Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the year 2021   

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Progress claims and approvals made easy.

With Payapps’ powerful progress claim platform integrated with Xero’s reliable accounting solutions – you can manage your construction projects more efficiently than ever!  You can be sure that Payapps’ software integration with Xero will help you save time, reduce risk and improve efficiency across the entire construction project management cycle. Get started today! Find out more about our integrated solution by contacting our experts.

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