The Subcontractor's Guide to Construction Retention

Effectively manage retention and ensure timely payments.

Designed for subcontractors, this guide offers insights into ensuring on-time payments, and steps to take if your retention isn’t paid.
The Contractor's Guide to Construction Retention

As a subcontractor, ensuring your retention is paid on time and in full is crucial, particularly when you’re potentially dealing with slim profit margins and cash flow challenges. To mitigate risk and guarantee you receive what you’re owed, effective practices are essential. That’s why we’ve crafted this comprehensive eGuide to construction retention.

Why Download This Guide

Accessing this in-depth eGuide offers valuable insights and practical strategies in the following key areas:

  • Understanding the concept of retention in the construction industry.
  • Learning how retention is calculated.
  • Gaining knowledge on how to effectively manage construction retention.
  • Knowing the steps to take if your retention isn’t paid.

Who Should Download This Guide

  • Subcontractors who want to ensure that they are paid their retention on time and in full consistently.
  • Construction Industry Professionals interested in learning more about the calculation and management of construction retention.
  • Builders looking to deepen their understanding of construction retention and its management.

This Subcontractor’s Guide to Construction Retention is a resource designed to empower you with the knowledge and strategies you need to effectively handle construction retention, ensuring you get paid what you’re owed every time.

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