The Ultimate Guide to Construction Progress Claims

Demystify the complexities of progress claims with our guide.

Uncover the essence of progress payment claims and learn how to streamline your process, avoid common mistakes, and ensure compliance with Payapps.
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Navigating the complexities of progress payment claims in the construction industry can often seem overwhelming, whether you’re a contractor, subcontractor, or payer. Grasping the intricacies of these claims is fundamental for smooth operations. We’ve developed an in-depth guide to help you better understand and simplify the progress payment claims process. 

Why Download This Report

Our comprehensive guide will shed light on the following key areas:

  • The essence of progress payment claims and their role in the construction industry.
  • The difference between a progress payment claim and a standard invoice.
  • Key components of a progress payment claim form.
  • Essential documentation to accompany your progress payment claim.
  • Timing your progress claim submissions right.
  • Common mistakes to avoid when making progress payment claims.

Who Should Download This Report

  • Main Contractors who are looking to streamline their progress payment claims process.
  • Construction Industry Professionals who aim to deepen their understanding of progress payment claims.
  • Stakeholders interested in enhancing transparency, improving supply chain collaboration, and ensuring compliance in their payment claims process.

Ready to simplify your progress payment claims process? Dive deep into our eGuide now and discover how Payapps can revolutionise your approach.

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