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Many construction businesses use spreadsheets to manage, submit, and approve progress claims regardless of size. However, this method is time-consuming and fraught with errors that can lead to payment delays, non-compliance with regulatory obligations, and friction between main contractors and subcontractors.

Why Download This Fact Sheet

  • Learn how Payapps streamlines the entire progress claim process to make submissions and approvals faster and more efficient.
  • Discover how Payapps provides real-time visibility of all contract details in one intuitive dashboard for increased transparency.
  • Find out how Payapps improves collaboration between builders and subcontractors by eliminating claim errors, reducing disputes, and better communication.
  • Read about Payapps’ built-in compliance features that help meet state-based SOPA (AUS) and CCA (NZ) regulations.

Who Should Download This Fact Sheet

  • Quantity Surveyors and Contract Administrators seeking to improve accuracy and transparency in progress claims management.
  • Project Managers looking to save time on administrative tasks and streamline project reporting.
  • Construction Executives interested in improving their team’s productivity, job satisfaction, and project outcomes.
  • Firms and builders undertaking digital transformation to future-proof progress payment claim systems.
  • Subcontractors focused on speeding up their progress claim approval times and optimising cash flow.

In addition to providing immediate ROI and significant time savings every month, Payapps is easy to start with and can take only a couple of weeks to get up and running. It’s about time to ditch the spreadsheets and adopt innovative technology that simplifies managing construction projects and streamlines business processes.

Download our fact sheet to learn how Payapps is optimising payment claim processes.

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