Building Resilience Through Technology

How digital adoption is helping strengthen the industry.

Unlock the secret of resilience in the construction industry through digital adoption with our comprehensive report.
Building Resilience in Construction Report Cover

In a world of constant disruption, resilience has become the new need. The construction industry has faced unprecedented challenges, from global pandemics to supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, and economic headwinds. To thrive in such an environment, businesses must build resilience into their core operations.

At Payapps, we understand the importance of resilience, so we commissioned an in-depth research study to explore what sets resilient companies apart in our industry. The results are eye-opening and provide invaluable insights for construction professionals.

Why Download This Report

This report is a must-read for anyone in the construction industry who wants to stay ahead of the curve. It provides valuable insights into how digital adoption is helping to strengthen the sector in Australia and New Zealand and how companies that have embraced technology are performing better in terms of financials, relationships, and talent engagement.

  • The four pillars of a resilient construction business from increased efficiency, robust business relationships, improved talent retention, and strong financials.
  • Specific technologies adopted in the construction industry to improve resilience include cloud-based project management tools, mobile apps, and digital payment solutions.
  • The challenges and barriers to implementing technology in the construction industry and how they can be overcome.

Who Should Download This Report

  • Builders eager to leverage digital adoption for operational resilience and industry advantage.
  • Business leaders in the construction industry aiming to understand the role of technology in enhancing business resilience.
  • Career-Oriented professionals seeking to stay updated on industry trends, particularly regarding digital adoption and its impact on business resilience.

By downloading this report, you’ll gain valuable insights into how digital adoption can help your construction business become more resilient and successful.

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