DOWNLOAD - Thriving in the construction industry post-pandemic

November 30, 2022

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Is your construction company ready to switch from survival gear to thrive mode?

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In 2022, many industries are still being negatively affected by COVID-19. That being said, pandemic conditions in one form or another will likely have to be managed as we progress into the foreseeable set of financial quarters, even years.

‍Coronavirus-related challenges in the construction industry have been many. From complying with government regulations, dealing with project shutdowns or suspensions, and handling travel restrictions to managing depleted workforces and health concerns, material supply chain disruptions and rising costs, and even business insolvency. 

‍For many in the industry, the toughest leadership test is now looming. The next phase approaching is one of consolidation and stabilisation. What cultural, organisational, and operational shifts should you prioritise and what technologies should you invest in? 

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