Pricing plans that fit your projects and business


We understand that every business is different, so we’ve designed our pricing plans to match your unique needs. Whether you are a main contractor certifying applications for payment, or a subcontractor preparing and submitting them, Payapps has a pricing plan to suit you.

Pay per AFP

Best for one-off Projects


per application for payment

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Great for getting started

1 contract per month


per month

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Perfect for multiple projects on the go

5 contracts per month


per month

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Best for a variety of different projects

10 contracts per month


per month

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Ideal for use across your business with no limits

Unlimited contracts per month


per month

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Payapps reserves the right to adjust its packaging and pricing at any time.

Preparing and submitting applications for payment

Payapps makes it easy to prepare and submit your monthly applications for payment across one or more projects, with monthly plans and no lock-in contracts or additional fees – ever.  

Whether you use Payapps with your clients, or stand-alone as a self-management tool, our monthly plans include all the features you need, and are priced based on the number of contracts you are applying against.

And your first application for payment across your self-managed contracts is FREE every month.

Projects List

Full set of features included with every pricing plan

Icon Users

Unlimited users

As you scale your business, add more users at no extra cost, with different permissions assigned as required.

Icon Integrations

One account for multiple projects

Single login for all counterparties.

Icon Self Manage


Subcontractors can get the first application for payment free every month when using self-manage.

Icon Integrations

Integration with accounting software

We'll help you integrate Payapps with your existing systems for a single source of data and truth.

Icon Designed

Multiple Entities

Manage multiple legal entities, projects and even currencies in a single account.

Icon Cloud

Power of the cloud

Enjoy automated product updates, no on-going maintenance and an easy-to-use cloud-based platform (that can be up and running in as little as 24 hours).

Payapps in action for subcontractors

"As well as the improved transparency of payments and costs, and the time-savings, it’s easy to use and requires very little training. "
Modular Connexions

Vera Kiessling

Technical and Founding Director

Modular Connexions

"We can now log-in at any time of the day and see exactly where we are, what’s being claimed for, and what’s been certified or due to be paid. "

Martin Brown

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Swiftline Engineering

How Payapps makes applications for payment and certification easy

Payapps is an innovative online tool that puts main contractors and subcontractors on the same page when it comes to applications for payment.

Easy to use

Works with your other systems

Seamlessly connects with leading construction, project management, accounting and financial software.

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Easy to use

Feature rich and easy to use

Standardise applications for payment, expedite certification, improve efficiency and increase process visibility in one place.

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Easy to use

Designed for the construction industry

Payapps was built to improve the application for payment and certification process in the construction industry.

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