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Building the Future:

Leveraging Specialised Construction Tech

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Building The Future Webinar

In this webinar recording, we delved into the latest insights from Payapps’ “Building the Future” report, highlighting the impact of productivity and collaboration challenges in the construction industry. Scott Lockwood, Payapps’ Head of Customer Success, shared the drawbacks of relying on spreadsheets and other manual administrative processes for managing payment claims and demonstrated how Payapps, a specialised construction technology solution, can enhance your workflows and project management.

Moreover, our live audience gained firsthand insights from our guest presenter Joanna Rivera, Finance Manager at ATG Construction, and her practical experience of transitioning to Payapps.

Why Watch The Webinar

  • Uncover critical insights and challenges in productivity and collaboration.
  • Learn the drawbacks of disconnected spreadsheet-based processes.
  • Understand Payapps and how it improves payment claim management.
  • Hear from our guest presenter and why ATG Construction decided to leverage Payapps.

Payapps vs Spreadsheets Webinar

Who Should Watch The Webinar

This webinar is designed for forward-thinking construction professionals who are interested in leveraging technology to enhance collaboration and efficiency within their projects.

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