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Renovating Victoria’s Security of Payments Act

Unpacking a parliamentary report that could impact your projects in Victoria.

Access this on-demand webinar, presented in partnership with Kreisson Lawyers, to learn how to navigate the complexity of Victoria’s proposed SOPA changes.
VIC SOPA Webinar

In the rapidly evolving construction legal landscape in Australia, Payapps and Kreisson Construction and Engineering Lawyers bring you an essential resource – an on-demand webinar that unravels the intricacies of the proposed changes to the state of Victoria’s Security of Payment Act (SOPA). This comprehensive resource provides an in-depth discussion on how these legislative changes could reshape the construction sector, and potentially impact your construction operations in Victoria.

Why Watch The Webinar

The on-demand webinar serves as a guidepost, providing:

  • Clear insights into the upcoming VIC SOPA changes, simplifying the legislative complexities.
  • Expert analysis on how the changes could impact construction contracts and payment processes.
  • Proactive strategies to adapt your operations in line with potential changes.
  • A platform to learn from industry leaders and prepare ahead of regulatory shifts.

Who Should Watch The Webinar

This on-demand webinar is crafted for:

  • Main Contractors and Builders operating in Victoria.
  • Professionals navigating contract administration and quantity surveying amidst regulatory changes.
  • Construction Project Managers seeking to understand the legal shifts that could impact their projects.

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