Building trust with subcontractors and construction regulators in Queensland

On-Demand Webinar: Building trust with subcontractors and regulators

Watch our recorded webinar with special speaker Laura Hattin, an expert in building industry trust accounts, as she discusses the legislative requirements for construction projects in Queensland.

As the trusted standard for managing progress claims, including calculating retention, Payapps is delighted to be helping builders, who operate in Queensland, understand these new requirements and their impacts on builders. With other states also signalling their intent to adopt similar frameworks, staying informed is essential to stay ahead of the curve and avoid costly mistakes.


  • Introduction to Project and Retention Trust Account requirements in Queensland.
  • Overview of the recent changes to the legislation and the reason for its introduction.
  • Discuss signals given by other Australian states to adopt similar frameworks.
  • Understanding the impacts on building and construction businesses and your role.
  • Best practices for managing trust accounts and calculating retention.
  • Q&A.


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