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Kiwi Construction Firms Losing 10+ Hours a Week to Admin? It’s Time to Break Free

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New Zealand’s construction sector is booming, but a critical challenge looms a severe shortage of skilled labour. Amidst this pressure, a new Payapps report reveals a startling fact: Kiwi construction companies are three times more likely to spend 10 or more hours per week on repetitive administrative tasks compared to those utilising specialised construction software. This alarming figure underscores the urgent need for digital transformation in an industry already stretched thin.


The Burden of Manual Processes on Kiwi Construction

The “Building the Future” report, which surveyed over 1,000 construction professionals globally, including in New Zealand, sheds light on the hurdles facing the industry. With demand surging and skilled labour scarce, many Kiwi firms are still bogged down by manual processes, hindering their ability to thrive.

  • Lost Productivity: Hours spent on paperwork and admin are hours not spent on actual construction, delaying projects and impacting the bottom line. According to a 2023 report by Te Waihanga (New Zealand Infrastructure Commission), construction productivity in NZ has stagnated over the past decade.

  • Increased Errors and Disputes: Manual data entry and calculations are prone to mistakes, leading to costly rework, delays, and disputes. A report by BDO New Zealand highlights that manual and paper-based systems are inefficient and prone to errors, significantly contributing to disputes and financial strain within the construction industry.

  • Talent Drain: Repetitive, low-value tasks contribute to burnout and job dissatisfaction, making it harder to attract and retain skilled workers. A 2022 survey by Hays revealed that a lack of career progression and development opportunities are key drivers of turnover in the NZ construction sector.


The Payapps Advantage: Building a Better Future for NZ Construction

The report underscores that embracing specialised construction software, like Payapps, is no longer optional but essential for New Zealand construction firms to stay competitive and overcome labour shortages.

By automating critical processes like progress payment claims, Payapps empowers companies to:

  • Streamline Operations: Eliminate manual data entry, reduce paperwork, and accelerate payment cycles, freeing up valuable time and resources.
  • Improve Accuracy: Minimise errors and ensure compliance with complex contract requirements, reducing the risk of costly disputes.
  • Enhance Collaboration: Facilitate seamless communication between all project stakeholders, fostering transparency and trust.

Positive Impact on Kiwi Firms

The research found that 61% of companies using Payapps are significantly more likely to report a positive impact, with improved cash flow, reduced errors, and fewer disputes. This demonstrates the tangible benefits of adopting digital solutions in an industry that is often resistant to change.

A Call to Action for New Zealand Construction

With the labour shortage showing no signs of abating, Kiwi construction firms must act decisively to adopt technology that can streamline operations and empower their workforce. The “Building the Future” report serves as a wake-up call, urging companies to break free from the shackles of manual processes and embrace a digital future.

Take the Next Step

Ready to break the cycle and build a better future for your New Zealand construction business? Download the complete “Building the Future” report today and discover how Payapps can help your business thrive in these challenging times.

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