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Partner spotlight: ProcurePro

Partner spotlight: ProcurePro

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A brief overview of your company

ProcurePro is a procurement and contracting platform, enabling construction contractors to compare, select, approve and contract with subcontractors on the one platform. ProcurePro provides visibility, controls, consistency and efficiencies to the highly manual subcontractor procurement process, enabling quality that improves commercial outcomes for construction projects.

What’s the biggest challenge your product/service solves?

Highly manual subcontractor procurement methods – using Excel, Word, & email as primary weapons of choice creates various issues such as:

  • Lack of visibility and traceability
  • Missed lead times
  • Scope of Works gaps
  • Poor quality price analysis
  • Missing compliance documents
  • Errors in contracts, missing annexures
  • Contracts not signed or lost
  • No information sharing across projects, which operate in silos

ProcurePro consolidates various procurement into a single simplified platform, embeds controls that mitigate these risks, provides visibility across procurement, and efficiencies to executives and project teams. 

What are the main benefits of working with you?

  1. An end-to-end procurement platform with company-wide visibility and control over projects. 
  2. >30%+ efficiency gains for commercial teams 
  3. Fastest time to scale in construction tech – transform 10+ different procurement assets, change manage and scale use company-wide all within 3 months!

What excites you about construction in 2022?

There is a willingness and cultural shift happening amongst construction companies in looking to equip their staff with the best technology and to improve commercial outcomes for their projects. 

Digital procurement is a new category of software and one of the next big shifts in Construction-Tech, which is exciting to be at the forefront of! 

Are there any exciting plans or initiatives in the pipeline for ProcurePro that you’d like to share?

Partnerships are a huge part of our strategy as a company: we’re already partnered/integrated with Payapps (of course), Procore, Aconex, Jobpac/Trimble, DocuSign, Microsoft Online, PowerBI and have more coming soon!

We also have a loaded development pipeline including tendering, returnable schedules, rating systems and more coming in 2022!

However, the biggest source of excitement for ProcurePro is that we work with some of the best construction companies who make quality a priority in their business and we’re excited to welcome even more on board this year.

What are you looking forward to in working with Payapps?

Arming and supporting construction companies with the right technology to transform their business. 

ProcuerePro and Payapps are extremely well aligned in solving adjacent challenges (procurement & progress payments) in the construction industry. We’re looking forward to helping mutual and new customers improve the commercial aspects of their businesses via our partnership. 

What are you looking forward to the most now that we’re moving back into a sense of normality?

One of our core values is to ‘Help the customer win’, the whole team at ProcurePro is focused on supporting the construction industry in the path to normality. We are looking forward to seeing stability in the industry and seeing the whole construction industry thrive.

Where can people find you online and learn more about your product?

Our website: 

On LinkedIn – 

and you can find our Founder, Alastair Blenkin on LinkedIn-

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