Resilience Roundtables: A Conversation with Brett Stephenson, Chief Revenue Officer, and Misty Cronin, Head of Sales.

Resilience Roundtables: A Conversation with Brett Stephenson, Chief Revenue Officer, and Misty Cronin, Head of Sales.

The Payapps team in Australia hosted a roundtable discussion on building resilience in the construction industry at Rockar, Barn Grill in Melbourne and Blackbird in Brisbane.  The roundtables brought together construction leaders and professionals to explore how businesses can enhance their resilience in industry with many disruptions.

 The roundtable moderator, Jordan Skinner, host of Australia’s #1 Construction Podcast series, “Crushing it in Construction,” interviewed Payapps’ Chief Revenue Officer, Brett Stephenson, and Head of Sales, Misty Cronin, to get their insights on the discussion and learn more about why Payapps hosted these roundtables and how Payapps is contributing to building greater resilience in the construction sector with our award-winning progress payment claim technology.

Brett and Misty’s Key Takeaways from the Resilience Roundtable

  1. Creating Space for ProactivityThe construction industry often finds itself reacting to various challenges, such as financial pressures, labor issues, and economic fluctuations.  The discussion emphasised the importance of creating space for proactivity.  By embracing technology and automation, businesses can move away from reactive approaches and focus on data-driven decision-making.
  2. Attracting and Retaining TalentAttracting and retaining talent emerged as a significant challenge and opportunity.  Many professionals in the construction industry are passionate about building and creating, not paperwork and administration.  Streamlining processes with technology can make roles more efficient, allowing staff to focus on meaningful work.
  3. Improving Money FlowEfficient financial processes are crucial for resilience.  Payapps provides transparency, visibility, and efficient workflows to ensure progress payment claims are completed faster within the construction ecosystem.  Standardising progress payment claims helps companies better manage their cash flow and reduces the risk of costly mistakes due to manual processes.

The roundtable discussions are a part of Payapps’ commitment to supporting the construction industry in its journey toward resilience.  By fostering open and honest conversations and offering innovative software solutions, Payapps aims to help the industry navigate challenges and continue to thrive.

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