Building Resilience in Construction: Insights from Peter Rahilly, Director of 2Construct

Building Resilience in Construction: Insights from Peter Rahilly, Director of 2Construct

The Payapps team in Australia had the privilege of hosting round tables in Brisbane & Melbourne on building resilience in the construction industry.  Our Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne guests were privileged to hear from Peter Rahilly, Director of 2Construct.  Watch Misty Cronin, Head of Sales at Payapps for Australia and New Zealand, interview Peter to get his thoughts on the event, challenges confronting the industry, and the role of technology, including Payapps contribution to enhancing resilience in the construction sector.

Key Insights from Peter Rahilly, Director of 2Construct                

  1. Financial Stability’s Vital Role:Peter stresses the pivotal role of financial stability in construction resilience.  He cites challenges, like pre-COVID price escalations, emphasising the need for businesses to maintain equity to weather such storms.
  2. Adapting Amid Industry Disruptions:Peter notes that the industry’s adaptability varies by size and experience.  Wisdom, experience, and robust relationships between builders and subcontractors are critical for resilience in a dynamic sector. 
  3. Technology’s Resilience Boost:Peter highlights the industry’s shift to web-based systems, offering real-time visibility into operations.  He emphasises the importance of specialised technology solutions, like Payapps, tailored to meet his company’s needs.

Payapps Contribution to Resilience

Peter commends Payapps for providing visibility into subcontractor performance, streamlining processes, and fostering better collaboration and relationships between builders and subcontractors. This aligns with the goal of boosting industry resilience.  Peter Rahilly’s insights provide a glimpse into the construction industry’s resilience journey.  

For an in-depth exploration of the Payapps Resilience Roundtables, delve into our comprehensive overview and insights blog here.

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