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Building Resilience in Construction: Insights from Sonja Horrigan, Finance Manager at FKG Group

Building Resilience in Construction: Insights from Sonja Horrigan, Finance Manager at FKG Group

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During our insightful industry roundtables on construction resilience at Blackboard Bar in Brisbane, we had the opportunity to meet one of Payapps customers, Sonja Horrigan, Finance Manager at FKG. Tune into Sonja’s interview with Misty Cronin, Head of Sales at Payapps for Australia and New Zealand, as they delve into the prevailing challenges and opportunities within the construction sector and the transformative role of technology, including Payapps, in nurturing resilience.

 Key Insights from Sonja Horrigan, Finance Manager at FKG

  1. Challenges and Opportunities
    Sonja identifies attracting and retaining talent as both a significant challenge and an opportunity in the construction industry.  The demand for work is continually increasing, making it crucial to effectively manage and retain skilled staff and subcontractors.
  2. Adapting to DisruptionsSonja commends the industry’s adaptability in the face of disruptions over the last few years, such as those caused by COVID-19 and supply chain issues.  While some companies faced challenges, most continued to thrive by being adaptive and resilient.  She emphasises the importance of proactive risk management to sustain this resilience.
  3. The Role of TechnologySonja emphasises the role of construction-specific technology in enhancing resilience.  Such technology streamlines processes, from bidding to project completion and payment, making staff more efficient and, in turn, happier.  This efficiency benefits main contractors and subcontractors, fostering stronger relationships and faster project delivery.

 Payapps Contribution to Resilience at FKG

Sonja highlights Payapps’ contribution to resilience by simplifying and expediting the progress claim and payment processes.  Payapps makes life easier for contract administrators and greatly benefits subcontractors by reducing claim processing time and improving payment turnaround.  This emphasis on the subcontractor experience aligns perfectly with the goal of enhancing resilience in the construction sector. Payapps remains dedicated to supporting the industry’s journey toward enhanced resilience through its commitment to simplicity, speed, and fairness for all parties involved.

For an in-depth exploration of the Payapps Resilience Roundtables, delve into our comprehensive overview and insights blog here.

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