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On-demand Webinar: Improve Cost Management and Cash Flow for Your Construction Projects

Improve Cost Management and Cash Flow for Your Construction Projects

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Research by KPMG found that just 31% of all construction projects came within 10% of their initial budgets. With rising costs and inflationary pressures, it has become more challenging for construction businesses to deliver projects on time, on budget while maintaining profit margins. Furthermore, poor cash flow impacts solvency and supplier relationships. Improving project finances and cost management is crucial for construction businesses to thrive in this economic climate. 

Watch our webinar co-hosted with Autodesk, where industry experts share insights on better cost management and liquidity for construction projects. The panellists discuss: 


      • How to better control project costs and streamline cost workflows 

      • How to overcome the common pitfalls that result in cost overruns 

      • How to improve cash flow by digitising progress payment claims processes 

      • How to reduce disputes and drive profit between office and field 

      • Achieving greater forecast accuracy 

    • Ways to avoid financial risks that impact project profitability

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