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On-Demand Webinar: Mastering Queensland Project Trust Accounts

On-Demand Webinar: Mastering Queensland Project Trust Accounts

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Discover how Payapps is streamlining progress claims so Spaceframe Buildings can focus on PTA compliance.

Watch our webinar with our customer, Spaceframe Buildings.   Hear from the team as they share their journey in getting “business ready” to meet their obligations under the related legislation for Queensland project trust accounts (PTA).  

They’ll also share how the new PTA frameworks presented an opportunity to review areas of their operations, including improving their progress claim processes and what business benefits came from it.

“All our progress claims are now in Payapps, making the process simpler and more standardised so we can focus on more critical work.  I cannot express enough the efficiencies that Payapps has provided us so we can do our job! “

Lahnie Robinson
Financial Controller | Spaceframe Buildings


  • Tackling QLD project trust accounts.Spaceframes share their experience getting “business ready” for PTA and lessons learnt to ensure compliance.
  • The ripple effect on operational processes.Why did this new disruption prompt a review of broader operational processes, including managing progress claims and approvals. 
  • Simplifying progress claims & approvalsThe benefits of Payapps technology to standardize progress claims and approvals. 
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