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Payapps Celebrates Dual Stevie Awards: Innovation in Construction Technology

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Payapps has been honoured with two prestigious Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, marking a significant milestone in our innovation journey within the New Zealand construction sector. Our commitment to transforming the industry is further exemplified through our recent acquisition by Autodesk, paving the way for new heights of achievement.

Gold Stevie® Award: Excellence in Technology Management, Planning & Implementation

We are honoured to receive the Gold Stevie Award for Innovation in Technology Management, Planning & Implementation. This prestigious award is a testament to our revolutionary approach in ‘Revolutionizing Construction’, significantly streamlining the progress payment claim process. It celebrates our success in providing a standardised, compliant, and integrated solution that meets the intricate needs of the construction industry.

Silver Stevie® Award: Leading the Way in Technology Development

The Silver Stevie Award for Innovation in Technology Development further recognised our commitment to innovation. This accolade underscores the impactful simplicity and speed Payapps introduces to progress payment claims, affirming our role in transforming the traditional, cumbersome processes into a streamlined, digital experience.

Modernising Construction: The Impact of Payapps

From its inception, Payapps was designed to address the intricate challenges of payment claims regarding construction progress. Today, with over 42,000 global users and managing more than $12 billion in progress claims annually, our solution is an integral tool for the industry’s leading firms. One of the Stevie Award judges remarked, 

“Payapps has revolutionised progress payment claims in the construction industry. It has addressed a critical need for streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and improving financial transparency and risk management. The wide adoption and proven impact across multiple regions and construction firms underscore its significant contributions.”

Bridging Industry Gaps: A Focus on Integration and Customer Feedback

Our platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with construction ERPs and financial management software has been particularly lauded.

“An interesting case study. Progress-linked claims are a sore point in the construction industry, and an app that helps address it, along with the ability to be integrated with construction ERPs and financial management software, definitely looks great,” noted another judge.

This integration is pivotal in our continuous evolution, driven by customer feedback and a deep understanding of industry needs. Our commitment to this feedback loop ensures that Payapps remains a technology leader for construction progress claim management.

Future Forward: Innovating with Purpose

Our innovation ethos is encapsulated in features like our patented progress bars, providing clarity and ease of use in tracking contract works. These developments reflect our resolve to make complex processes more straightforward and accessible, catering to the dynamic needs of the construction industry.

Celebrating Our Collective Success

We invite the construction community to delve deeper into the transformative power of Payapps. Discover our journey on our Awards page and explore case studies highlighting our impactful solutions.

As we venture forward, buoyed by our achievements and the acquisition by Autodesk, we remain committed to delivering innovative progress claim and payment solutions that address the core challenges of the construction industry.

We sincerely thank our customers, partners, and the Payapps team for making these accolades possible. Together, we continue to shape a more efficient, transparent, and equitable construction landscape in New Zealand.

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